According to a report published in The Times Of India, the people of Noida are facing severe issues with its air quality. According to the air quality index in Greater Noida, the quality levels had remained in the poor category making it at 280. Whereas in Ghaziabad and Noida the air quality showed marginal improvement marking it at 293 and 298 which still are categorized under poor levels. 

Even on Sunday, the air quality for both Greater Noida and Noida had remained in the very poor category. The markings read 320 and 321. It is being predicted by the weather department that in the next few days as the breeze starts blowing a little more strongly the air quality is expected to degrade further. Finer particles of different materials and gases are contributing to the worsening in the air quality an official said. 

In fact, during the last year in the month of December and earlier this year in January too the air quality in Delhi and its adjoining areas has been a matter of concern. The quality had been in the very poor category for a while. 

Air Quality In Noida
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Meanwhile in Mumbai too the air quality has degraded over the past few days. According to a report, the concrete units across different parts of the city are not only affecting the climate but also the health of its residents too. Shivaram Iyer, who happens to be a resident of Mumbai’s Chandivali area has said that these days the air quality of Mumbai has degraded so drastically that his family is having pills due to dust and skin allergies. 

Reports have also come from other residents living in the Chandivali area that the nearby cement mix factory, construction sites, and smoke from the chimneys of factories have made the air quality unbearable to breathe. The mixed plants dealing in a mix of stone crush, sand, and cement for the upcoming various constructions are impacting the atmosphere in a big way. Makar who happens to be one of the committee members of the Chandivali association has said that the MCPB and BMC must do something jointly against these increasing levels of pollution.

Even the factories at the Khairani Road and the various road construction have added to severe lung congestion issues for many residents over the area. The people have tweeted to the municipal authorities about this concern and have requested them to intervene in this matter and take the necessary steps for controlling air pollution.

Both Delhi and Mumbai have been the two major center points of India’s cities and of late have been struggling with their air quality issues. The Local ward officer of the Chandivali area has told the reporters that they are taking necessary steps about it since the time the issue was brought to their notice. Shailendra Pandey the association’s member has informed that the chimneys of factories are less than a hundred meters distance from the residential complexes. The BMC must take note of it and do the needful immediately as there are schools in this area and many elderly lives in the nearby residencies too whose health is being severely impacted.