There have been numerous incidents when billboards have been breaking the rules in Mumbai for quite some time now. However, this time a billboard was the reason for a deadly accident. 

Recently, during the day storm in Mumbai, a billboard collapsed in Ghatkopar. At least 100 people were reported trapped. Among them, 14 people reportedly lost their lives, and more than 70 were injured. It happened at the Pant Nagar petrol pump, where people were already waiting to get their vehicles refueled. 

After some investigation, it has been revealed that the man behind the billboard installation is Bhavesh Bhinde. 

It has been revealed that the billboard was 120×120 in size. However, the municipal corporation of the city has stated that they allow billboards of a maximum size of 40×40. 

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There has also been a case filed against the doubtful individual and his company Ego Media. He has also been on the accused list of Police in several other cases. Nevertheless, the accused is currently unaccounted for. 

For the family members of the deceased, there will be a remuneration of around five lakh rupees from the government. They are also going to bear the cost of the care or treatment of the injured. 

Apart from this, the storm has brought relief to the people of the economic capital. There were also some other incidents in other parts of the city, affecting normal life. 

There were disruptions in metro services in one area. Also, traffic was at a standstill in the city for some time. People took shelter at various places as storms wreaked havoc on the city. The storm was also accompanied by the first rain of the season for the city. 

Suburban local services were also affected in some areas. It is because one of the overhead poles was damaged due to the storm.

Apart from all this, there has been a loss of family members for several people in this incident. Some family members even demanded an investigation into the incident. One of the family members also asked the authorities to take appropriate action as they lost their only earning family member.

Several people also said that they had to wait a long time to get to know the whereabouts of their loved ones. One such individual claimed that his nephew worked at the petrol pump. He sadly lost his life, and now his family is in deep sorrow. He further said that they didn’t know about the illegal billboard. Otherwise, they would have stopped him from working there.