There have been numerous in the points table in this year’s IPL. The fan favorite like Mumbai Indians has already been knocked out. However, the show is not over yet, as the battle for the playoffs birth is intensifying. There are almost four teams that are trying to get to the next stage. 

First of all, after the loss against Delhi, Lucknow is staring at the exit gate. It is because of their massive defeat against Hyderabad. Their net run rate is below par and is not likely to get them through. 

Now, if we talk about Chennai then they have good chances. It is because they have one game left. They currently have fourteen points and also a great net run rate. So, if they win against Bangalore, then they are through.  However, if they lose, then they need to lose by a small margin to make it through. They will also pray that Hyderabad must lose at least one game of their remaining two. As it will make their selection easier. 

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Next, Bangalore has been able to turn the tables in their last few matches. Their winning streak of the last five encounters has put them back in contention for the playoff’s birth. Now, they will have to win against Chennai in their last match by a big margin to make it through. They will also hope that Hyderabad loses their remaining two matches to make things easy. 

At last, Delhi has another chance to get through. It is possible only if Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore have a bad day. Then, probably they will make it through. Otherwise, their net run rate is also on the negative side to make matters worse for them. 

So, the fight for the playoffs birth is interesting. Every team is trying their level best to win the reputable IPL trophy.  This tournament is also helping respective national teams in analyzing the performance of their respective players.  So, it will be pivotal to see how these players perform later on in the World Cup. 

If we consider India, then there have been several discussions regarding the selection of Hardik Pandya for the tournament. There have also been surprises like the exclusion of Rinku Singh from the main team. Thus, it will be engrossing to see, what will be the execution of Team India in the T20 World Cup. Their hopes are riding on the shoulders of Rohit as captain and the rest of the team. So, they are also under constant scanner for their performance in the tournament matches. 

For the unknown, Kohli has the orange cap, and Bumrah has the purple cap of the IPL 2024. So, the Indian team is looking in safe hands for the upcoming World Cup.