Currently, Truecaller has come up with a new AI feature for the protection of users against the new generation of voice scams, known as the AI Call Scanner.

This new tool is expected to facilitate the development of the quality of callers between those who are real humans and those who use very realistic artificial voices. The AI Call Scanner works in a live manner that is as fast as the caller’s speech and poses immediate responses, allowing users to get quick and responsive results on the call.

To begin, the feature has already been launched for subscribers of Truecaller Premium who have Android devices in America; this feature is to be introduced in India and other countries in the following months.

Specifically, the introduction of this feature is due to the emergence of new methods of AI voice scams. More recently, scammers have advanced their technology to imitate voices from social media accounts to make the phone calls from which the stolen voices are taken by the scammers sound like friends or family members of the victims.

These will make the receiver believe that he or she is conversing with a familiar person, enabling the caller to defraud him or her and possibly incur a loss. This has been on the rise since 2019, prompting Truecaller to come up with a solution to the same.

The UI of the AI Call Scanner is rather uncomplicated. To begin with this experience, a user has to make Truecaller their default calling application.

The sample of the so-called “Interceptor” is as follows: When they receive a suspicious call, they can activate the AI detection feature by tapping “Start AI Detection.” The call will momentarily go on hold as the AI records a sample of the caller’s voice.

This sample is then fed to Truecaller’s AI model, which has been independently trained to differentiate between human and synthetic voice. In mere moments, it will inform the user that the voice on the other end of the call is artificial and not a real human being, save for the person who hired an AI voice to call.

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Thus, Truecaller underlines the importance of this function in situations when scammers change strategies. By adopting the new generation advancement in AI technology, the company wants to give its users an added span of security.

The AI Call Scanner serves a dual purpose of improving the Truecaller app’s security and, at the same time, depicting the company’s readiness to fight new age threats in the increasingly technology-driven world.

Even the partnership with tech giants such as Microsoft to improve AI functions proves that Truecaller has been reactive to scams.

The AI Call Scanner is a very useful extension for Truecaller’s security list because it provides people with an effective shield against the more advanced scams that are used by those who like to build revenue on other people’s misfortune.

Becoming a feature available in different areas of the world, it is expected to enter the list of key functions, protecting from the increased number of AI voice scams.