The Indian military, within a strategic alliance with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), is focusing on environmental sustainability efforts. This partnership creates opportunities for developing and adopting green transport systems in the army.

The ceremony of the MoU signing was attended by General Manoj Pande as well as IOCL Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya thus marking it significant. The primary objective is to promote innovation and incorporate environmentally friendly modes of transport in the army’s activities.

In one single example of this relationship, the Indian Army obtained a hydrogen fuel cell bus during the occasion. This represents a starting point for “a mutually beneficial partnership” with wide-ranging benefits for the environment.

The Indian Army’s entry into the green transportation sector is not an isolated occurrence. This was demonstrated in March 2023 when they signed another MoU with National Thermal Power Corporation Renewable Energy Ltd to show their commitment to environmental responsibility.

The agreement would open the way for the setting up of green hydrogen-based microgrid power plants along India’s northern borders. Presently, a pilot project is ongoing at Chushul that is constructing a 200-kilometer green hydrogen microgrid aimed at supplying clean and uninterrupted power (24/7) to the troops in difficult terrains and extreme weather conditions.

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About Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL):

  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) was established in 1959, and it currently stands as India’s biggest commercial oil company.
  • As per the data for the year 2020, it has ranked 151 on the Fortune Global 500 list. Being one of the central participants in the Indian energy market, IOCL operates more than 11 out of the country’s total of nearly twenty refining facilities.
  • With more than 47,800 touchpoints available across its network, IOCL ensures the distribution of its goods and services is spread widely across all accessible parts of India.
  • IOCL has recognized the increasing prospects of green energy solutions and has taken several groundbreaking measures. In concrete terms, they demonstrated their commitment to environmental protection by establishing the first HCNG plant in India using hydrogen-spiked compressed natural gas in 2020.
  • In this line, they have set the vision of incorporating 260 MW of renewable energy into their operations by the year 2024.
  • IOCL is also said to be pioneering EV adoption in India having launched the country’s first EV charging station at Nagpur back in 2017.
  • Aside from its core business, IOCL supports various games including cricket, hockey, and adventure sports thereby contributing significantly to the Indian sports landscape. Furthermore, it backs the Indian Olympic Association as an indication of its support for national pride.

This partnership between IOCL and the Indian Army is a significant step towards making military operations more sustainable. The Indian Army sets a good example by embracing new clean transport technology and looking into alternative sources of renewable energy which helps achieve India’s overall environmental goals.