Redbooks Abroad today proudly announces its commitment to connecting students with academic opportunities in top global destinations. An international education consultancy in Kerala, it provides help with education counselling, the application process, scholarship guidance, visa application, student accommodation, and paid internships. The consultancy company hopes to fuel the growth ambitions of its students and company through budget-friendly solutions.

“We are excited to provide comprehensive overseas education consultancy solutions to help our students connect to the best study opportunities and make it all happen for them,” said the Managing Director of Redbooks Abroad. “Our vision is to help our students secure multiple scholarships as well as study grants. Redbooks Abroad wants to help students keen on international education to get admission for their dream courses abroad.”

Redbooks Abroad understands the impact of finances on a student’s career objectives and personal preferences when it comes to international education. To address this concern, the EdTech company narrows down potential options for them, considering factors such as preferred type of institution, budget, and lifestyle preferences. A comprehensive approach, inspired by its extensive knowledge of various education systems, programs, and universities abroad, allows them to recommend suitable destinations and programs to students.

Redbooks Abroad was commended by the business magazine Business Insights with the Outstanding Academic Counselling For International Students Award and the Emerging Brand of Kerala Award in 2024. Back in the year 2023, LinkedIn also honoured the Kerala-based EdTech company, Redbooks Abroad with the Outstanding Foreign Education Consultancy & Value Added Services In Kerala. In 2023, the company received recognition from the Pride India Awards for Most Trusted Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala.

Redbooks Abroad has a team of accomplished and qualified educators and consultants to help students compare and evaluate different study options and make well-informed decisions. To provide students with in-depth insights into the reputation and ranking of institutions, Redbooks Abroad has hired consultants known for its academic and professional prowess. Redbooks Abroad is known for its success in sending over 8,200 abroad, with many of them confidently pursuing their academic aspirations.

“In a time where the world is becoming closely interconnected, students are keen on international education and paid internships. Redbooks Abroad provides students with assistance in navigating the complex application and visa processes and achieving their academic and professional goals in their desired fields. We want to help them pursue the best course and career outcomes,” added the founder of the company.

With its experienced team, commitment to affordability, individualized approach, and comprehensive services, Redbooks Abroad is poised to become a trusted consultancy for international education and well-rounded applications that showcase their strengths and increase their chances of acceptance. Unveiling its budget-friendly overseas education consultancy solutions, this Kerala consultancy firm marks a promising step towards shaping student careers through its knowledge of international education systems.