The House of X has partnered with the renowned King, who is a renowned Indian pop star, to launch their first-ever brand named Blanko. This brand is considered the creative result of the very popular King. With this brand’s launch, the pop star’s entrepreneurial journey also begins.

Blanko is a fragrance brand designed to empower passionate individuals who yield the power to dream something big and bold. The poster started his journey as a musician at a very young age. With a massive for; owing the pop star has to give his fans some trendy tracks like Maan Meri Jaan and Tu Aake Dekhle, to name a few. 

One of the most amazing things about the musician, which is also the major reason behind his huge fan following, is his ability to describe the everyday tales of everyday lives of human beings through his songs, making him a fan favorite.

According to King, the fragrance comes with minimal packaging and long-lasting formulation. The pop star shared a message to all his fans which described that everyone has their own and they should do something to make that life count.

The fragrance has been exclusively launched only the brand Blankos website. The brand is deserved on the philosophy that everyone has the right to access good-quality grooming products without compromising their choices, price, and quality.

While commenting on the brand as his dream project, the pop star and founder of the brand Blanko described launching this brand as both a super emotional and proud moment for the pop star as now he finally was able to convert the brand of Blanko into reality in the association of beloved friend Raj.  

According to the pop star, the brand comes from a private part of his journey. The musician considers himself a person who has been hustling all his life. He wants all his fans to be convinced that they are confident enough to begin their journeys shattering certain stereotypes and have self-discovery with bold and loud dreams.

The foundation of the brand has been built on such a dream. With the pop start creativity combined with his partners at House of X, who all believe in the next big things and are all happy, proud, and excited to present their brand Blanko to the world and are ready for what the brand has to offer to all of the people out there.

Well, the name of the brand Blank is a short form for ‘Blank Out the Word’. The brand highly urges all of its users not to focus on the hubbub of society and instead on their inner voice, which matters the most, to achieve their unique and more confident version of themselves.

The brand is highly committed to everything it offers to all its consumers and creates a lasting impression with a strong statement. The products are curated to revolutionize how people groom themselves, making them more personal.