On May 15, 2023, The Delhi Board of School Education declared its results for the first time since it was founded in March 2021. The Education Minister of Delhi, Atishi Marlena, declared the results of the 10th and 12th classes of DBSE on May 15.

Class 10 results

Across the capital of India, 1,594 students were registered in the DBSE Board of Education in class 10. Out of these students, 1,582 students appeared for their final exams. 

Eight students of the DBSE board were unable to qualify for the exam and did not appear for their assessment. To qualify for final exams, a student is expected to achieve a minimum of 3 grade points in internal assessments. Those who fail to do so are not allowed to sit for the exams.

According to the Education Minister of Delhi, the eight students will have a second chance. It will be an opportunity for them to improve their grade points. Supplementary assessment after a month-long break will decide if the students can improve their grade points.

Class 12 results

In class 12th of the DBSE 672 students were registered pan Delhi. However, only 667 students appeared for the final exams while five students were absent. These five students could not achieve the desired grade point. Hence, they were not allowed to sit for the exam.

Similarly, these five students will have a second chance to improve their grade points through supplementary assessments. These assessments will be taken a month later.

After declaring the results, the Education Minister of Delhi also threw light on how education is the only way to development. She talked about how all developed nations provide their youth with the best education. 

Further, she talked about how the education system of Delhi has changed miraculously over the years. She said that the conditions of uniforms and textbooks have shown a major positive change in the past years. It has also resulted in students choosing government schools over private schools in Delhi according to the Minister.

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In the end, she gave credit for the success of the system in Delhi that allows almost 25% of Delhi’s total budget for education every year. This prioritization of education has led to the development of a structured and organized education system in the capital of India.

The Delhi Board of School Education or DBSE was founded two years back in March. This board of education governed the 20 schools in Delhi that were established in the same year. 

These schools of excellence aim to provide quality education across four different fields. These fields or domains are STEM, Performing and Visual Arts, High-End 21st Century Skills, and Humanities.

These schools of excellence were established so that students could gain specialized education in the field of their choice in early classes. Hence these schools were for secondary and senior secondary classes.

Two years back, class 9 students were enrolled in all four fields across 20 schools, while class 11 students were enrolled in STEM. During the enrollment, students were asked to give an aptitude test.