There has been an emergency meeting called by the Health Minister of Delhi concerning a rise in the number of Covid cases in the national capital. The number of Covid cases has touched the three-hundred mark in this city with a positive rate of close to fourteen percent. Keeping this picture in view, today, Saurabh Bharadwaj the Health Minister of Delhi has called for an emergency meeting. The matter is of great concern in Delhi because according to data published by the health department, on Wednesday, the number of active cases touched the three-hundred mark. The report has also shown two deaths due to Covid, too.

On Tuesday in Delhi, two hundred and fourteen fresh cases of Covid had been registered which took the rate of positive cases close to twelve hundred. It further increased on Wednesday which made the Health Minister calling for this urgent meeting in order to review the situation.

The Health Minister will hold a meeting with the doctors and officials who are connected with the health department. Furthermore, the minister will also speak with the nodal officer for testing and oxygen, the special secretary, medical directors of multiple hospitals, and many others.

According to the latest update, there are about two thousand hundred and fifty-one fresh cases of Covid that have been registered across different parts of India. Till now, there are about thousand two hundred and twenty-two recoveries as well.  On Wednesday, there were about one lakh forty-two thousand four hundred and ninety-seven Covid tests done too.

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Earlier in the month, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had also chaired a high-level meeting to check the preparedness of the state for Covid. Along with logistics and health infrastructure, the Prime Minister also reviewed the vaccination campaign.  Not only Covid but also its different variants and influenza are on the rise across the national capital right now.

Alongside Delhi, Covid is on the rise in Maharashtra too. In the last five months, Maharashtra is seeing a huge surge in the number of active daily cases for Covid with three deaths already being registered. In addition to this Karnataka has reported a death, and Kerala has reported three deaths. Earlier this week the Health Minister of Maharashtra also held a high-level meeting to check the preparedness of the state for the situation. He has issued an alert to all the governing bodies of the health department in the state to take the necessary steps needed to stop the outspread.

The Health Minister has also strongly recommended taking higher measures in the tests and performing genome sequencing for the positive samples. Going by the records during this time of the year there had been a rise in the number of Covid cases throughout the country in the past two years as well. The Health Minister has advised the health officials to undergo mock drills and ensure the hospitals and health departments have a good supply of all the essentials needed for handling emergencies.