Currently, the OpenAI-supported ChatGPT is in soup. A tech ethics group who are focused on artificial intelligence has asked the FTC to give a look into OpenAI about their trade practices on ChatGPT. It is said that OpenAI has violated the rules of consumer protection. In a complaint from CAIDP to FTC, they argued that the AI text generation tools which the organization has rolled out are deceptive, biased, and pose a threat to public safety.

Earlier this month, OpenAI which is backed by Microsoft had just released its fourth iteration of GPT under the AI program. In GPT-4 a new model of language has been made by OpenAI which is capable of generating text that is similar to human speeches. It upgrades the technology which is currently being used in CPT-3.5.

The complaint which has been filed against ChatGPT states that California-based corporation Open-AI, Inc has launched a product in the market for consumers named GPT-4. It is biased, brings a risk to public safety, and is deceptive too. The outputs can neither be replicated nor proven. Before its deployment, it never went through individual assessment too. OpenAI has acknowledged that there are specific dangers of influence operations and disinformation. They have further warned about some potential threats and even disclaim the liability which might follow.

The FTI has also declared that AI must be fair, transparent, explainable, and empirically sound in its use while catering to accountability. The ChatGPT-4 feature of OpenAI does not follow any of the requirements. It has further been stated that FTC must start an investigation into this company and evaluate the commercial products which are offered in the US. An investigation must also be made into the company’s further commercial releases and necessary guardrails must be ensured so that it protects the commercial marketplace, businesses, and consumers too.


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A call has already been made in an open letter to pause immediately at least for six months all the training across the AI system and GPT-4. This letter has been signed by Wozniak, Musk, and many other notable names. In the letter, an argument has been stated that AI systems having human-competitive intelligence may lead to high risk in society and humanity as well.

In the letter, Musk, and others have asked if the current AI systems are becoming as equivalent to humans in doing general tasks then we must ask ourselves some serious questions. Is it okay to let machines take over us entirely and replace humans? Do we let them take away the job and bring a risk across our civilization?

Including the co-founders of Skype and Pinterest, thousand hundred and twenty-five more people have signed the letter. It has stated that with immediate effect a pause on the further development of GPT must be applied otherwise the government must intervene. All the signatories have said that they are not against the growth of AI but every development must undergo safety protocols which must be overseen and audited rigorously by independent experts.