According to a report published in Mint, India experiences the onset of summer earlier this year and it is expected to last longer too. This is about to give a push in th sales of fans, colas, and ice creams. The demand for them has already seen a rise a marketer of a top beverage brand has informed. A spokesperson from a popular brand of fans has told that summer has brought abatement in the pandemic and so the footfalls of the customers have been on the rise. So the markets have been kept open and it is benefitting the companies in selling out their supplies.

On the other hand, the beverage giant PepsiCo has informed that because summers in India are setting down earlier this year so, it could be exciting from the business perspective for the beverage sector. George Kovoor, who happens to be the senior Vice President at PepsiCo has informed us that the company does most of its high promotional campaigns including the celebrities in the month of February. They do this to increase brand appeal and brand love amongst the customers so that the products are sold out sooner the summer heat is felt in the weather.

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Already between January and February this year, PepsiCo had announced their celebrity-endorsed series of brand campaigns. They are on the lookout to capitalize on the celebrity’s connection with the audience and gain a greater market share on the sales of their product as summer begins to set in.

The company has also launched a campaign recently featuring Akshay Kumar for its energy drink brand of it called Sting. They have even made an endorsement contract with Rashmika Mandanna as the new face and the brand ambassador for 7UP. In the month of January PepsiCo has even taken Yash, the superstar of Kannada for being the brand ambassador of the flagship brand of Pepsi.

This year, India is about to experience a prolonged stay of summer as temperatures already began to rise higher, especially in different parts of Northern India. In the previous week the weather agency of the US, NOAA indicated that the condition for El Nino year has a connection with poor monsoons.

The diary brand Mother Diary has told that the stronger impact of summers has already started to show its effect on the sales of various cooling dairy products of the brand, especially across different parts of Delhi NCR. Manish Bandlish, who happens to be the Managing Director of Mother Diary has told that the previous year India experienced warm summer months and this year too it is going to be the same leading to an increase in the sales of ice creams. 

Even for consumer appliance brands such as Usha International and Godrej, the sales of fans and air conditioners have seen an increase already and are expected to be further higher. Although the consumers need to pay a high price for the ceiling fans because the government has made it mandatory to have star labeling.