According to an article published in Adgully, MAGGI instant noodle has remained a very important part of the lives of millions of consumers in India. And across the past four decades, the love of people for their favorite instant noodles has come to the forefront many times. Even during the challenging times for the brand even, the customers remained loyal to MAGGI noodles. Right from the rural sectors to the urban ones, one can never find people who are not aware of MAGGI.

So, to express gratitude to its loyal customer base over the decades, MAGGI has launched its latest advertising campaign in celebration of consumers that made MAGGI an iconic brand of noodles all across India. In fact, the brand has even brought a unique concept for its promotion. The cast of the latest MAGGI advertisement is real consumers of MAGGI noodles belonging to Bihar and UP. They did this to maintain the authenticity of the brand’s slogan, Khao to MAGGI noodles khao.

In this campaign, the viewers will get to see real people belonging from different villages and towns across the districts of Bihar and UP like Nalanda, Gazipur, Jaunpur, and Nawada. All these people would be sharing their stories of quality, trust, and delight which have been brought by MAGGI noodles for decades.

While speaking about this campaign Rajat Jain, who happens to be the head of the Foods Business at Nestle India said that MAGGI has always been a brand that is truly loved by its consumers all across India. He further added that it is their loyal customers who have been the true champions of this brand and their trust and love have been a major factor behind the success of the brand and its story.

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The brand feels a privilege for giving a voice to this love of consumers through this campaign. This has been the first category initiative by the brand. Mr. Jain says that the brand knows that there can be no one better than its loyal customers to become the face of the brand and the campaign. For years MAGGI noodles have been the hallmark of trust, quality, and unmatched happiness. And these are the factors that have brought this brand closer tit e people and have developed a strong bonding.

You will find this campaign in print, on social media, and out of home as well. And it shall have some interesting stories about the brand from its real-time consumers. Last December, Suresh Narayanan who happens to be the CMD of Nestle India shared that it is important to return to roots where marketing is concerned. Furthermore, it is also important that one remains relevant while spreading out the message of the brand in this digitally driven fast paced society.

The world around has grown and has remained connected through different social media platforms. In this era more than the self, the selfie has gained greater importance so it is important for brands too in being responsible while spreading out the message of their products.