Aviacons, the leading aviation agency in India, is embarking on a mission of a different kind by taking the Aviation industry in India to a much higher level by enhancing pilot training and skill development.

The Hyderabad-headquartered aviation agency in India is replicating the American Aviation Learning Model by delivering theoretical training for the pilots, flying training with partner flight schools, and aviation English language testing and training for the pilots and pilot students. The company combines cutting-edge technology with immersive training to create an environment promoting real-world training.

Trans Aviacons Private Limited is a pilot training services company established in the year 2007 and incorporated under the company’s act in the year 2012. Aviacons was established as a solopreneur in 2007 by Captain Shahinsha SK, who is now its Founder and Director. Presently, Aviacons is an approved organization by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority and Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India.

To introduce an array of industry-specific courses and impart quality training in-house as well as with collaborative arrangements with reputed institutions abroad, Aviacons envisions strengthening and progressively attaining the highest standards in Aviation training. A dedicated American Aviation Learning Model replica has now been put into place to create an effective and resourceful workforce for serving the industry on the ground and in the air.

Aviacons is the only company in India privileged to be a member of the professional organization IAAPS headquartered in Europe. The company has been actively participating in successfully establishing the first flight school in the Republic of Maldives in 2010. The leading aviation training institute started providing services to Flight Schools abroad in 2012. In 2018, it was associated with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University for graduate programs in Aviation. In 2019, Aviacons established India’s first AELP Testing Centre under the approval of the UK CAA. The same year, Aviacons was approved by DGCA, India, for AELP Testing and Training Services.

The Founder and Director of Aviacons, Captain Shahinsha SK, said, “We are heavily working towards contributing a professional training system to the industry, which is still operating with the rules made in the year 1937. Where every other developing nation has changed its rules, next-generation aviation professionals are the need of the hour. And, we are designing all the required pathways to contribute to the same.”

In 2020, Aviacons Theoretical Training ground school was audited by its partner Flight School of Civil Aviation Directorate, Serbia representative, and was given accreditation. The same year, Aviacons underwent a Table Top audit by IAAPS for the entire organization and theoretical training team. Recently, in 2022, the company established its first flight school in India and brought three Cessna 172 aircraft and awaited Aerodrome clearances.

Recently, Aviacons has also replicated the Hybrid Training Model to increase the pilot training capacity and provide exposure to them. It is jointly operating an ATO in Belgrade, Serbia, with a capacity of 60 students.