Agrikheti, a leading Agri-Tech company in India, is proud to announce its commitment to improving the livelihood of farmers across India by unlocking the economic potential of farmers through impactful initiatives. Focusing on everything from income diversification to connecting farmers to the digital economy, the company is transforming agriculture to help farmers achieve greater sustainability and profitability.

“The agricultural territory only adds fifteen percent to the GDP, even though it is considered as a major livelihood source for a large proportion of the Indian population. The new generation of farmers must be equipped with the essential knowledge and tools to achieve more productivity from the same piece of land, produce better quality, and draw a higher income. And, Agrikheti has teamed up with top technical experts, designing impactful initiatives and heavily contributing to the prosperity of the local farmers,” says the Founder of Agrikheti.

Local farmers are the foundation of a nation’s agricultural sector. They make critical contributors to national food security. Their ability to produce high-quality yields and earn a decent livelihood is important to ensure the economic stability of a nation. There is a growing need for agri-tech companies to shift their focus on extending help to the farmers and continually assess their effectiveness. Tailoring support to farmers by deeply understanding the agricultural setbacks they face should be considered.

In order to better handle the present-day scenario of farmers across India, Agrikheti is following innovative approaches to make a decent livelihood for farmers more achievable and less overwhelming. Centrally located in Mohali-Punjab, Agrikheti strives to find ways to revolutionize India’s agriculture sector. The company prides itself on providing farmers with tools and opportunities to empower them, build sustainable incomes, and also forge them out of poverty.

Solving the modern-day agricultural setback faced by farmers requires a variety of innovative solutions. For instance, connecting the agri community in India with technology is the real deal. In order to make up for this scenario in the Indian agricultural sector, Agrikheti brings a suite of digital solutions to streamline supply chain management, crop portfolio diversification, technological integration, and support the advancement of farmers.

Agrikheti believes in imparting intricately designed training and development initiatives to elevate the caliber and consistency of a farmer’s agricultural yield. The premier agri-tech company is backed by a team of highly competent and experienced data science specialists. Over the years, Agrikheti has helped more than 1,37,788 farmers connect with trusted buyers, traders, and service providers.

Agrikheti has adapted multiple innovative stratagems and undertakings to ensure farmers can make a good living income for themselves, even when the prices are low. Agrikheti is committed to achieving a decent living income for 1,37,788 farmers in their supply network by the coming years. Its ecosystem with innovative AI-powered technology is committed to connecting the agri-community with technology to make business transactions quick, low-cost, and hassle-free. Without comprising quality, Agrikheti is regenerating the agri value chain, working alongside existing participants.