Recently, Mayank Agarwal got hospitalized because he consumed some suspicious liquid drink on his flight. He recovered and will now be returning to make the game a changer. He would be leading the team against Tamil Nadu. While he was flying back to Surat he consumed a drink which caused him some serious gut issues. There were sensations of burning in his mouth and throat. Therefore, he had to be taken to the hospital. He even thought of filing a complaint in the form of FIR.

The doctors after maintaining his stable condition for a few days declared that he was better. As soon as the condition got better, he returned to his work.  His comeback is important because he is one of the prestigious players of the team. The batting will be boosted and better for the Karnataka team after his return. The team is all set to bet against Tamil Nadu. The opening will be as fabulous as the game play.

When Mayank consumed this drink his condition was worsening due to the strong burnings. These sensations were strong enough and he could have not been able to play. The players are taught resilience and dedication to carry in their veins. There is enough motivation within them to survive such circumstances and pave the way to success.

In cricket, there are so many rules by which the players need to stick on. Every player is professionally trained during their hardcore practice sessions. These sessions are intensive and extreme within the training. During the training, players are trained to engage within the field to ensure proper method application.

Mayank Agarwal's Next Step After Major Health Setback

After the doctors declared his condition, other team players were a little shook back. They went a little less motivated because he was one of the best players in the team. He has scored highest runs for many matches. The score board would always reflect his name on top and therefore, the team was taken a little back.

Mayank, in all his healthy condition, returned like a warrior. He had an aim to make a game changing comeback and prove the opponents. He was ready to fight like a fighter and his condition got better. Everybody was waiting for the game play that he had to offer. If you want to keep yourself updated, watch the online news and cheer for your favorite team.