Parineeti has taken singing as an alternate career option apart from acting. Singing has always been her passion since she started working as an actor. Some of the famous songs have been composed by her and she is the lead singer. Parineeti has also done playback singing in the past. Parineeti is a famously known actress for her films and advertisements that she has been a part of. Her career game flourished at the peak after her success from films.

She exclaimed that her husband Raghav Chadha is her biggest motivator. He always pushes her in the right direction to do the right things. He motivates her to follow her dream passion.

A few days back, the Bollywood actress had her first live music show. The show was conducted at the Mumbai Music Festival. She could not believe that all the things were happening just the way she imagined in her dreams.

She states that she is the number one Bollywood actress who is doing two separate things – singing and acting together. For the first time, the industry has witnessed something like this for which she is grateful to all her fans and family members. Her fan following is huge in the spectrum. There are thousands and millions of girls that follow her for the way she is. They consider her as an inspiration idol.

Parineeti is around 30+ years old and has been singing and taking part in competitions since she was a child. She has signed huge contracts with famously known singers of India in the past. In the midst of all this, she could not help but praise the one person she loved the most. As per the reports and sources, the Bollywood actress has openly praised her husband. Both of them tied the knot some time ago after being in a relationship for a few years. They have been keeping their relationship private and away from the media flashlight.

Parineeti Talks About How Raghav Is The Biggest Motivator Behind Her Achievements

She has given him immense credibility and credit for motivating her and being her biggest support system. There are very few words that the actress can gather when it comes to expressing her love for him. Besides singing, Raghav sees the passion in her for little things and gives her a hand of acknowledgment each time she achieves and accomplishes something really special in her life.