A few days back the tough grass court challenge in the country Pakistan. There were different conditions in Islamabad due to which things went well in the end. The Indian team won in the World Group 1 Play Off-tie. The two most prominent, good performing and important players were missing from playing in the team. These two players were Sumit Nagpal and Sasi Kumar Anand. Team India still one the competition.

Within the week when the tie match was going to take place, some other conditions were predicted. The weather predictors forecasted that there might be chances of rain. This will only postpone the match for further day. Islamabad is a beautiful city with pretty and low-high rise mountains situation around the area.

When the moisture, chilly winds and weather started to change, some changes were made. The court got slightly wet where the game play was about to be held. The changes and reforms were initiated in order to make an action plan. The players were trained to play in different conditions. This makes sure people have resilience and they are well prepared. With preparation that is done in a proper manner, you have the right motivation to excel.

The conditions in Islamabad are bad and the rain is continuously falling. The players did not start to feel uncomfortable. They were prepared for the circumstances that could have possibly been thrown at them. With every match, India took one step ahead to the surface area of its struggle. The Indian team took grass court as the area to play on. This was because of the weather conditions and practiced confidence within them.

India Preparation For Important Challenge In Pakistan

There were different and impressive strategies applied for each match. Even people requested the staff of ground maintenance to not use heavy rollers for improvement. The grass would become soft and would create problem during ball bouncing in the match. All the players were asked to prepare with full energy because of the large scale challenge in front of them.

There were players who put their maximum efforts of long hours. This was only done to create sense of unified achievement and success within the players. When too many matches are played, it also creates a mental block in the mind related to pressure/fear of failure. To improve this, players should also intensify their workout sessions and cancel out this void within.