The impact player rule, which was applied in this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), may be implemented on the domestic women’s circuit starting in the following season and eventually in the Women’s Premier League (WPL), according to Indian cricket veteran Jhulan Goswami. This rule has had a significant impact on the IPL, as seen by the scores of 200 or more that have been recorded in as many as 16 games or 26 innings, as well as the rise in the number of boundaries and sixes.

According to Goswami, the regulation has improved the game in a variety of ways and given team management the freedom to decide when to utilize a batter or bowler. She expects that this regulation will be implemented in domestic women’s cricket in the upcoming season, followed by other competitions, so that players would be aware of it. Goswami, who served as the bowling coach and mentor for the Mumbai Indians during the league’s initial season, also thinks that the impact player rule will undoubtedly be used in the WPL in the future.

Rohit Sharma’s form, according to Goswami, is unimportant to the five-time champion Mumbai Indians because the club has been winning games despite his lack of performance. She claimed that Rohit Sharma is only one huge game away and that they are aware of his potential. Mumbai Indians’ bowlers have not performed well as a team, but their batsmen have made up for it by scoring runs in virtually every game.

KL Rahul, the normal captain of the Lucknow Super Giants, withdrew from the Indian Premier League and the forthcoming ICC World Test Championship final against Australia owing to injury. Goswami praised him for his team management skills and effective usage of his bowlers.

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The illustrious fast bowler referred to Mohammad Shami, who led the IPL in wickets this season, as the greatest seam bowler the nation had ever produced. She claimed that because everyone’s physical capabilities vary, it is impossible to draw any comparisons because he is doing well to prepare.

Given that Jofra Archer has just returned from a protracted injury layoff, Goswami thinks it will take him a little longer to find his groove. She continued by saying that every time she made a comeback following an injury layoff, she would worry about the prospect of getting hurt again and jeopardizing the season.

Goswami claims that many scores above 200 have also been attributed to flat pitches. She claimed that this season’s wickets have been rather flat and that batters are playing through the line to maximize their success. Every team appears to be well-prepared, and many hitters are hitting for power, whereas only one or two did so earlier.

The impact player rule, in Jhulan Goswami’s opinion, has improved the game and given team management the freedom to decide when to utilize a batter or bowler. She hopes that other competitions will follow domestic women’s cricket in implementing this rule in the upcoming year.

She also thinks that Rohit Sharma’s performance is unimportant to the five-time champion Mumbai Indians because they are aware of his potential. Finally, she thinks batters are playing through the line and reaping the most benefits from flat pitches, which have also contributed to scores above 200.