9-Year-Old Vani Gupta, Secures Global Third Place and Takes Home First in India at Prestigious ICODE Global Hackathon 2023, World’s Largest Coding Competition with 2.5Million+ kids participated globally

Achieving 3rd place globally in a prestigious ICODE Global Hackathon 2023 a  Coding Competition for children is a remarkable feat for Vani Gupta, a resident from Noida and the daughter of Vrinda and Vinay Gupta that deserves celebration. 

This accomplishment not only reflects the talent and dedication of the young coder but also underscores the growing importance of nurturing technological skills from an early age.

Securing a top position on a global stage is not only a personal victory but also a source of national pride, as the young Vani emerges as a beacon of India’s potential in the tech world.

Vani expresses gratitude to her father Vinay Gupta a Techie himself and her school teachers from Pathways for the guidance and support throughout the learning journey. Their mentorship and the dedication to nurturing talent is commendable.

It is a moment to celebrate the triumph of dedication of the three winners

Kenzo Nathanael Iam from Indonesia securing the 1st Place followed by George Dai from Australia securing 2nd and Vani Gupta 3rd.

Everything is possible because of a supportive ecosystem that paves the way for future technological leaders.

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