Vitamin B12 is surely very essential for the body. Right from creating the red blood cells to DNA, it has multiple important roles to play. Vitamin B12 happens to be one of the primary vitamins that the body needs to perform multiple functions. It also plays a lead role in the development of the nerve cells and the brain and hence it is very essential for the neurotransmitters to generate. Other than having a major role in the central nervous system it also gives support to bone health and prevents the risk of fracture and stops osteoporosis.

Furthermore, it even brings a reduction in eye disease and muscular degeneration. It even leads to depression and mood swings. Here are some of the warning signs in the body when you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency:

Difficulty In Maintaining Balance While Walking

The walking pattern of a person can say if he is having a deficiency in vitamin B12 supply in the body because it plays a major role in the central nervous system. Having staggering issues, difficulty while walking, or losing out on balance while walking is the signs of a deficiency in this vitamin.


A low in vitamin B12 causes anemia. Doctors also call it cobalamin deficiency. During this condition, the body becomes incapable of making enough red blood cells which happens due to a lack of vitamin B12. There are a few other symptoms too by which you can recognize anemia such as vision issues, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, headaches, and indigestion.

Vitamin B12
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Having A Swollen Tongue

Have you ever experienced your tongue turning red and swollen? Due to a lack of vitamin B12, you develop a medical condition called glossitis. You develop an inflammation on the tongue which is very painful. It is also called the beefy tongue. Along with it, there are various other symptoms such as discoloration of the tongue, lesions in the mouth, and unexplainable burning sensations too.

Cognitive Difficulties

Another very prominent way of detecting if a person has very less vitamin B12 in the body is when he has cognitive difficulties. Vitamin B12 is a very essential element that plays a crucial factor in the functioning of the brain. When it is not present in sufficient quantities the person may experience a loss of memory, and face difficulty while reasoning or thinking too.

Numbness In The Legs And Hands

If you experience the limbs turning numb often, it is a major sign that the body has a deficiency in vitamin B12. Some people may also experience it as if it is being pricked with a needle. If this symptom keeps repeating very often then one must visit a doctor soon.

Other Symptoms

Other than these warning signs there are also various other symptoms that indicate a lack of vitamin B12. Some of them are pale skin, fatigue, quick heart rate, mouth ulcers, extreme weakness, irritability, loss of appetite, and low mood.

Sources That Give Vitamin B12

A good source of vitamin B12 can be found in eggs, poultry, fish, and dairy. In animal-based foods, it is found in abundance. Vegans, senior citizens, and people with blood sugar and gastrointestinal disorders are on the verge of suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.