There has been some exciting news for the stargazers in the past few days. Days after the stargazers have seen Venus and Jupiter come together across the evening sky, three other heavenly objects are about to join the list today. It is being said that there shall be five planets that will rise across the skies above the Earth as they will be moving about in their orbits like usual.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will be marching in unison across the skies. The moon too will be joining it and completing this rare group in the celestial. Even though you will find all these planets across the skies tonight but they will not be found aligned in a straight line all across. 

The thing which makes tonight’s celestial occurrence very interesting is that the people will get to see Venus, the closest planet to Earth, and also Jupiter which is the largest planet in the solar system, coming together in the sky. But this time these planets will be much further apart from each other than what was seen even a month back. 

Can They Be Seen From India

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Tonight’s occurrence in the sky can be visible from different parts of India provided the sky is clear and also if there is less amount of artificial light pollution too. The moon is going to be the brightest object across the skies along with Venus. Whereas, Jupiter and Mars will be much dim due to their current positions and the orbital distance from the Earth. 

People will be able to see Mars, Jupiter, and Venus very easily because they are the brightest ones. However, to detect Uranus across the evening sky one might require a telescope because it is about three hundred and five billion kilometers away from the Earth.  On Monday, many stargazers have already detected some of these planets as they started to appear. 

When Can You See The Five Planets Across The Skies

Today after sunset, these five planets will form a rare alignment. From the horizon, these planets will form a line starting with Jupiter. Just after sunset at nineteen thirty hours, it is expected to be visible across the evening skies. Following Jupiter shall be Uranus, Moon, Venus, and Mars. All these planets will appear upwards. Astronomers have said that these planets will stretch across the line of the horizon halfway of the night sky. Although Jupiter and Mercury will dip amidst the horizon very quickly within half an hour of sunset. 

The astronomers have further said that even though these planets will appear forming a line but in reality, they are all far away from each other. This type of alignment occurs when the orbits of the planets line them across one side of the sun as appears from the Earth. 

Although these planets shall make the best view today but they will continue to remain across the skies at least till the end of this month. Gradually they will disappear in the vastness as the Earth continues to move within its orbit.