Instagram has launched a new feature to secure more safety and privacy for its users. These posts will only be visible to your close friends or some private friends. The Meta owners have decided to expand this to a greater level. Instagram has not yet decided to permanently launch this feature. Currently, the app is analyzing the use of this feature within the gram community. They will record responses from people and then analyze the positive and negative impacts of this feature.

This is called the Flipside because it helps people connect more privately. They feel safe and empowered. There is a sense of control that people have over their posts and views. This makes them feel more connected to the app. There is an emotion that people attach to Instagram. The space of the flipside is created especially for close people and private matters + concerns.

There is a fear that people engage in maintaining two different accounts. They create one public and one private account because they want to post private stuff and material on the other account. There are certain photos and videos that the users need to replicate on both accounts.

There is a hassle and time-consuming process where they have to maintain two different accounts. The flipside is currently available to a selective group of the population because this is a sample testing. 

The app is testing whether the flipside will be a successful invention or not. Many people within the operations have anticipated great results for this feature. The owners are still waiting for progressive changes to happen. The functionality of Flipside will be dependent on the number of users who will be interested in trying out this new feature. Therefore, go and try this innovation for a better chance.