Year 2024 has marked its beginning and people from around the world are celebrating New Year with their families. People gather together for different occasions and parties. Meanwhile, PV Sindhu is gearing up for the upcoming challenges and competitions. She is maintaining her appetite for her fitness and health. She has stood herself in various national and international level championships. She is one of the most renowned players in India.

Her aim has always been gold since the start of her career. However, last season things got nasty and she missed it by an inch. She is gearing up to receive gold this 2024 season. People have commented that she has been seen as the performer of the year for years. She has proved herself with her talent on many big occasions. She is aware that gold is going to be tough but her dedication is what India needs. 

PV has been an inspiration for a lot of people, especially women. More than that, she has encouraged a lot of people to not let their societal backgrounds kill their dreams. She has motivated a lot of Indians and women to pursue their dream whether it is sports or business/job. Some people are inspired by her work because of her role in Asian games. People have become hopeful and consistent with their drive to follow passion.

PV Sindhu Getting Ready For The Next Battle

Young steps have gained points from all around the globe even during crucial times. She has created a legacy in the sports field for our country. Millions of people follow her and her story. Sindhu is getting prepared to execute her one of the best till now. She is encouraged and desirable to achieve gold. If you want to read more about sports news, check live now.