For Chennai Super Kings (CSK), MS Dhoni, despite being 41 years old is still a valuable player. In the most recent league game of the 2023 season, the four-time Indian Premier League (IPL) champion defeated Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in a thrilling match.

Even after not getting enough opportunity to show his batting skills on the field, Dhoni was still able to make a significant contribution as the wicketkeeper and his captaincy also didn’t go unnoticed. However, a statement made by Dhoni in the post-game interview shocked many. Although it is not yet sure if this will be Dhoni’s final season playing in the IPL, but the ‘Thala’ is clearly dropping hints.

Fans and analysts wonder if they will ever see Dhoni wear the CSK outfit again as the IPL season gets underway. A few days prior, Dhoni accepted that this is the “last phase of his career,” and he remarked, “Farewell,” during the match against KKR.

“I’ll just say thank you to everyone for coming out in such large numbers to support us. Most of these players will don KKR jerseys the next time. He said at the post-game awards presentation, “Thanks a lot to the crowd. They’re here to bid to me farewell.”

Speaking of the game, Dhoni thought this season’s performances by his bowling and batting units to be quite satisfying.

Fast bowlers and middle-order spinners are doing their jobs, respectively. The wicket was short on one side, so we wanted to grab early wickets to keep up the pressure. We had to show respect for the opposition because they had so many powerful players.

“You just have to keep encouraging the kids to perform. It’s excellent for us that all the new guys are playing. We can see someone’s full potential (on Rahane) when we let them bat the way they bat. He receives freedom and the ideal position. In order for everyone to feel more at ease and for the team to succeed, someone has to give up their position, he added.

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Chennai has been unbeatable in the IPL 2023. Dhoni and the management were able to locate the ideal replacements despite their injury issues, which helped them to win five of their first seven games and seize the lead in the standings.

After the win, Dhoni was asked about the CSK fan invasion at the Eden Gardens, which converted the KKR stadium into a “sea of yellow,” as described by Ravi Shastri, during the post-game interview. The audience started crying after hearing the captain’s reply. Since he believed that many of his fans had come to bid him farewell, he thanked the observers.

Dhoni has previously spoken of his upcoming exit from the IPL. In the match against SRH, Dhoni shockingly admitted that he is “in the last phase of his career” after victory.

Nonetheless, whether it is his last season or not, fans are enjoying every bit of their favorite player’s last phase of his career.