According to an article published in the Hindustan Times, Covid is in full access in India. India has recorded a single-day rise of thirteen hundred new cases of Covid across different states. It is the highest number in a single day in the past hundred and forty days. According to a report quoted from the Health ministry data, the active cases have gone up to seven thousand six hundred and five patients. The total tally in the Covid-19 cases has now reached 4.46 crores.

The death toll has moved to five lakhs thirty thousand eight hundred and sixteen with three deaths which have recently been reported from Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The daily cases of positivity rate have been recorded at 1.46% while the weekly positivity rate has gone to 1.08 percent. The number of recoveries has gone up to 4,41,60,997 taking the national recovery rate to 98.79 percent.

So far, a Covid-19 detection test on 92.06 crore patients has been done. In the last twenty-four hours, eighty-nine thousand and seventy-eight tests have been performed. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting on Covid-19 and influenza. In the meeting, a review was made to check the preparedness and response to deal with the increase in the cases of Covid-19 and influenza across different parts of the country.

The Prime Minister has stressed the fact that it is important to follow the Covid appropriate behavior and also to maintain respiratory hygiene too. Furthermore, he has emphasized the need for lab surveillance, testing of every Severe Acute Respiratory Illness(SARI) case, and genome testing too. In accordance with the website of the ministry, 220.65 dosages of Covid vaccine have been administered to the citizens till now.

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 A spike in Covid-19 cases in Karnataka has raised an alarm and has put the healthcare system on high alert. The crisis the state is facing presently is a shortage of vaccines. From the State’s health department, a letter has been sent to the Center to augment the vaccine supply. Naveen Bhat, the National Health Mission director has requested in the letter to send thirty lack dosages in which up to 20 to 25 lakhs were of Covishield. The Ste has been given about five to ten lack dosages which have got expended by now.

While Dr. Govindaiah Yateesh, who happens to be the president of the association of private nursing homes and hospitals have said they have stock to meet the current needs in handling the situation. According to a source, the demand for vaccines in private hospitals is abysmally low. Over the last six months, there has been a wastage of vaccines. But he has also informed me that things seem to change a bit now. In the past five days, they have seen at least twenty people coming each day for the vaccine.

TK Anil Kumar the principal secretary of the health and family welfare department has issued a circular that the contentment measures for Covid-19 must be put into place.