According to a report published in The Times Of India, the scores of 39/4 and 49/5 after ten overs are not something that one is used to watching in the ODIs, especially from the Indian side that too when the home team is batting. But unfortunately, this was the exact happenings in Mumbai and Vizag during team India’s match against Australia. Although it was possible to rectify things at the Wankhede but, the situation went out of control in the second ODI.

The colossal collapse of team India on Sunday has prepared the stage for the final on Wednesday at the Chepauk. The prime architect behind the dramatic denouement is the fearsome left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Stark. The much-vaunted top-order of team India was unable to deal with the swing and pace that Stark had delivered. The drastic figures on the scoreboard for team India have brought serious thought to the mind ahead of Wednesday’s finale encounter.

ODI Series
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Later this month during the IPL, this pitch of Chepauk which is going to be the home for the Chennai Super Kings is going to be a traditionally tailored slow track prepared primarily keeping the IPL in mind. But the pace and swing that Stark is delivering are likely to keep way the pitch factors out of the question. Having the support of the sea breeze and humidity around that stadium, it is likely that Stark is going to turn things to his advantage.

Team India’s former pace bowler L Balaji has shared with TOI that, Stark has always been successful against India and has the capacity to turn things around in favor of Australia in the finale.

Everyone has seen that the incoming ball has become a huge problem for Suryakumar Yadav and Virat Kohli both of whom scored ducks. Stark can bring a change in the momentum of the game anytime giving a surprise delivery. Even Rohit Sharma too has mentioned the surprise delivery of Stark after India’s loss at Vizag. He has mentioned that his opening partner Shubman Gill has fallen a trap to Stark in both games.

Balaji said that the only option for dealing with Stark is to play him late. It is better to let the ball get delivered completely and then choose the shot. Another option as told by Sunil Gavaskar during an analysis is that, to play Stark with a straight bat for the first few overs. If one tries to play him across the line in the early overs might cause an early dismissal. Balaji feels that India needs to cautiously choose the shots while playing against Stark in the first few overs. 

It is a matter of two or three overs that the Indian opening pair needs to sustain the attack of Stark. Once the top order goes through that period Stark will start giving runs after that as the ball won’t pitch up much after that. Team India is looking at every possibility in dealing with this situation as they gear up for Wednesday’s final game of this ODI series.