These three Indian players have a short medal from themselves, at least a bronze medal, after their triumphant victories in the championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The boxing of Deepak Bhoria has left a killer look at the platform of world championships.

Deepak Bhoria successfully defeated Saken Bibossinov, the Olympic medalist and world champion, with his skills in the second round. With a 5-1 victory over Diushebaev Nurzhigit of Kyrgyzstan in his most recent match, he used the left hook to great success and earned India’s first medal from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Provided a winning start from the Bhorias side, Nishant Dev (71 kg) and Muhammad Hussainuddin (57 kg) have also entered the semi-finals, and all of these three players have ensured a medal for the country and giving the best-ever performance from India at the world championship.

Hussamuddin, who has also been a two-time Commonwealth Games medalist, came through a very difficult fight against his competitor Javier Diaz Ibanez of  Bulgaria, who is also considered a rough fighter, and won by 4-3 through the bout review system.

The youngster player Nishant was left to battle out with Jorge Cuellar of Cuba, and the 22-year-old came through his fight with a wonderful performance of throwing powerful punches and attacking fiercely towards his competitor and receiving a unanimous victory.


As the country gains three medals in the Olympic weight categories, they also reflect positively on the Asian games, which will happen in September and October and will be a qualification event for the Paris games.

The chief coach of the players, CA Kutappa, stated that Indian boxing had received very good results in this championship, and this has also been a very important year for Indian boxing; the chief coach is currently with that team in Tashkent.

He also stated that the nature of the boys was very positive from the beginning of the tournament, and they have improved a lot in a very tactical manner throughout the tournament.

They were successful in landing accurate punches, and they were more aggressive towards their approach and all of the strategies taught to them. They were implementing all of the strategies very well.

The strategy of Deepak Bhoria against Bibossinov included the use of the left hook. The player lost against Bibossinov at the world championship last year, so winning against him this year was very important for the player.

The coaches of the player stated that they felt that the player was not throwing a second punch after his right straight. Bhoria will face Billal Bennama of France, a two-time world medalist, for a spot in the final round since the player has displayed good temperament against his four opponents thus far in the game.

Amit Pagal, a Tokyo Olympian and a Commonwealth Games Champion has been the only Indian boxer who has made it to the final of the world championship and also won a silver medal in the 2019 edition in Russia.

Thus achieving his position remains a major quest for all of the Boxers. The player Bhoria has been selected ahead of Amit Panghal and is working towards enhancing his performance.