According to a report published in The Times Of India, for the first time, a submarine from India has got docked in Indonesia. Indonesia also happens to be one of the nations that are having international maritime disputes with China around the ongoing contentious of the South China Sea. This dispute also happens to be a part of the overall diplomatic-military reach out across ASEAN countries.

The Indian submarine INS Sindhukesari happens to be a three thousand-ton diesel-electric submarine. It has reached Jakarta for its first-ever operational turnaround post making a transition across the Sunda Strait. A senior official has informed the reporters that Indian warships very often make a visit not only in Indonesia but also across several other ASEAN nations as well. This is the first-ever long-range submarine deployment that underlines the capability of operations and reaches India’s combat arms even underwaters too.

Submarine Of India
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A major rift and life extension have been given to INS Sindhukesari amounting to rupees one thousand one hundred and ninety-seven crores. This upgradation has been undertaken in Russia in 2018 as a part of a current plan on upgrading four Sindhughosh class and two more of the Shishumar class. These submarines have been stemmed for the depletion across the underwater fleet.

The deployment of the submarine in Indonesia happened soon after India had performed operational training in managing the BrahMos supersonic missiles for the cruise for the twenty-one military personnel belonging to the Philippines, earlier this month at Nagpur.

Under the three hundred and seventy-five million dollar contract made during January last year, India shall supply three batteries of missiles for the anti-ship systems of BrahMos that is based on the shore. It happens to be a deadly conventional weapon that can fly three times higher than the speed of sound. It measures a Mach of 2.8 with a range of strike at two hundred and ninety kilometers. 

It also happens to be the first-ever BrahMos export order for the Philippines which has had sour territorial experiences of disputes with China in the South China Sea. It is being said that this order shall make the way for further deals with various other ASEAN nations such as Vietnam and Indonesia. 

Alongside giving a push toward making military ties with the Gulf and African nations on one hand, India has also been developing defense relations steadily with ASEAN countries through various exchanges, combat exercises, and training programs too. All these programs shall help in operating submarines and fighters while increasing the supply of weapons too.

In recent months at the bilateral front, India has performed a naval exercise called SIMBEX with Singapore. It even has performed an army exercise with Singapore too called the Agni Warrior. With Indonesia, India has performed the Garud Shakti, and with Malaysia the Harimau Shakti. India also conducts naval patrols two times each year with Indonesia. The previous one happened in December last year along the maritime boundary line.