There are very few races like F1. F1(Formula 1) has been able to show us a number of surprises in the last few races. Until Monaco, it was ruled over by Max with seven consecutive pole positions. In the recently finished Monaco Grand Prix, Leclerc has been able to get the pole position.

The last moment was in the year 2022 when he won his last pole position at the Australian Grand Prix. He was able to win the race comfortably in his Ferrari at the top of the grid. He was followed by Oscar Piastri in McLaren and his teammate Carlo Sainz.

Since 50’ it was the first time that a Monegasque driver was able to win a race at the iconic Monaco circuit. It was the year when Formula 1 was introduced. The last time it occurred was way back in 1931.

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He further said that he was extremely emotional during the last few laps He was also trying to calm himself down. He said that he was recalling his father during the end of the race. He further added that his father always wanted him to win a race on his home soil.

He further revealed that he was initially very motivated because of the numerous supporters. He thanked all the fans who came to support him in the race. He then revealed that he was able to see various familiar faces who were sharing him up during the race.

In the end, he also revealed that he was going to celebrate the night at a club.

It was one of the most dramatic races in the 2024 calendar. First of all, he was able to break the winning sequence of Max. Max has been able to win 7 times in his Red Bull. It is an achievement that Max is currently sharing with the legendary Ayrton Senna. Along with that, the second Red Bull with Perez crashed out during the first lap. So, Sergio was out in the initial stage of the 78-lap race.

At the end of the race, Max was able to secure 6th position. Currently, he is leading the championship with 169 points.

On the other hand, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was able to secure 7th position along with his teammate George Russell at 5th position. In the constructors list, Red Bull is on the top with 276 points.

The next race will be in Canada on the 9th of June.