Heeramandi web series actress Sharmin Segal, who received poor reviews recently, was given advice by her co-star Adhyayan Suman. Adhyayan has essayed Nawab’s character on the show, and the actor seems to have done a great job.

Nevertheless, the decors, makeup, costume designs, and body language of the film’s protagonist Sharmin, who played Alamzeb Mallikajaan’s second daughter with Manisha Koirala, portraying the mother figure as Mallikajaan, a courtesan, ignited critics’ reactions that forced her to disable comments on her newly opened Instagram account.

Adhyayan Suman discussed the harsh realities of a person’s life, especially in Bollywood, and accepted criticism with regard to his work in a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama. He told Sharmin not to sever herself from the feedback.”

It is pertinent to not live in a bubble; it is pertinent for a person’s reality to be accepted whether it is Heeramandi or anything else in life,” he said.

Adhyayan even further motivated her to interact with the public, stating that it is always easier for the public to accept the flopped actor if he tries and improves the next time they go on stage. “If she is being criticized for her performance, she should come out and speak to people.

The audiences are very gentle; they will allow you another try if they see that you have put much effort,” he further said. Though her colleagues supported her, she decided to turn off the comments on her Instagram to avoid negative comments on it.

The criticism was centered on her acting career, which diminished the efforts she put into the role. Regarding criticism, Sharmin has stated before that she poured herself into the performance and admitted the habit of focusing on criticism despite receiving praise.

Heeramandi is a situational film that is based on Pakistan’s Heeramandi, the historical brothel area of Lahore, which was present in British India.

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The series deals with scenes that unfurl the interaction of courtesans and Nawabs with British officers during the 1920s to 1940s and during the Indian freedom struggle.

Adhyayan essays the character of Nawab Zorawar & young Nawab Zulfikar, and the character of the older Nawab Zulfikar is equally portrayed by Shekhar Suman.

Heeramandi is one of the best films that Adhyayan performed in; the movie marked a turning point in his career. His advice to Sharmin shows how he comprehends the real ordeal that actors go through in the business.

It is a sign of professionalism to admit that something has gone wrong and work on improving it the next time; hence, his encouragement for constructive criticism shows that he is ready to grow professionally.

The cases of the contrasting responses of the audiences towards both Adhyayan Suman and Sharmin Segal in Heeramandi show that acting can be a very subjective experience.

Even as Sharmin learns to deal with criticism in response to Adhyayan’s comforting words, the two actors further enrich the narrative of the series, which is now available on Netflix.