One of India’s top personal care and healthcare companies, FMCG company Emami Limited, has purchased a 26% equity share in Axiom Ayurveda Pvt Ltd and declared that it will enter the juice market with “AloFrut.” AloFrut is the brand that Axiom uses to advertise beverage products.

The company, which has its headquarters in Kolkata, has been targeting strong growth from its personal care and healthcare industries in the next years. Following the recovery from COVID 19, the company anticipates growth of 27.9% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.

Emami, whose net profit decreased in the previous year, anticipated a rebound in its margins as a result of the inflation slowing. The company had earlier stated that it planned to use a variety of channels, such as modern trade, e-commerce, and general trade, to create new brands and boost the equity of its core brands.

It is anticipated that the new agreement with Axiom Ayurveda would further reinforce its position. The business claims that AloFrut is well-established in the general trade, modern trade, government institutions, and e-commerce platforms.

Within a month, it is anticipated that primary infusion and secondary buyouts will have acquired 26% of Axiom’s paid-up share capital on a fully diluted basis.

On November 14, 2019, Axiom Ayurveda Private Limited, a business registered under the Companies Act, was established in Haryana. Axiom is a beverage firm with a presence in the Indian market that combines aloe vera pulp with a proprietary fruit combination.

A further 15-20% of the company’s revenue comes from its product portfolios in the beverage and personal care sectors. The company was started by Rishabh and Alisha Gupta.

“AloFrut” product offering is particularly unique as these beverages are based on Aloe pulp inclusion in fruit juice, which delivers a great balance of taste and health together. With health & wellness being the buzzword for consumers today, we see tremendous potential in the market.