In a noteworthy recognition of her outstanding contributions to the education sector, Sasmita Mohanty, the esteemed Director of Sanjay Godhawath International School, has been conferred with an honorary doctorate by the TSSR Council. This esteemed accolade applauds her remarkable 30 years of dedicated service, during which she has enlightened over 500,000 students with knowledge and unwavering commitment._

Sasmita Mohanty’s journey as an educator has been nothing short of extraordinary. The TSSR Council’s decision to award her an honorary doctorate underscores the profound impact she has had on the realm of education. As the Director of Sanjay Godhawath International School, Mohanty has been a beacon of inspiration, fostering a culture of academic excellence and holistic development.

Sasmita Mohanty, Director of Sanjay Godhawath International School

Over the span of three decades, Mohanty’s commitment to teaching has touched the lives of more than 500,000 students. Her innovative teaching methods and leadership have significantly elevated the educational experience at the renowned institution. Colleagues and students alike attest to her unwavering dedication and transformative influence.

Sasmita Mohanty’s journey exemplifies the spirit of educational excellence. This honorary doctorate is a well-deserved acknowledgment of her profound impact on the education landscape,” remarks Mr. Muhammed Shafeeq, Chairman of the TSSR Council.

The conferment of the honorary doctorate upon Sasmita Mohanty by the TSSR Council is a testament to her enduring commitment to educational brilliance. As she stands at the intersection of leadership and pedagogical innovation, Mohanty’s influence continues to shape the educational narrative, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of half a million students.