The new satellite GSAT-20 will be set to launch. This will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This mind-blowing event will take place in the later year. The ISRO said that there will be a launch in the satellite communication department. A contract was signed with SpaceX where the GSAT-20 is the second most demanded communication satellite. It is funded and operated by NewSpace India Limited. 

The satellite GSAT-20 will be launched on an American rocket. This is expected to be launched in another three years. Out of the first four satellites, three of them were launched on United States Delta rockets.

There has been a rapid increase in the mass and complexities of the Indian satellites. These satellites have proved to outpace large vehicle developments. With new inventions and better technologies, there will be a huge and drastic change in the IT sector. Indian technology is pacing its way to the top for a few years. It is all set to carry the benchmark forward and break all records.

First-Ever Indian Communications Satellite

The country has also needed to rely on foreign rockets. Many times foreign help was needed after various demands were made. Now, India is all set to launch this invention on a big scale. India has its turn to turn this SpaceX and carry forward this task. There have been serious meetings and important discussions held.

We Indians have had this urge related to new developments, inventions, and innovations since the very beginning. People are more goal and career-oriented. The software, space and IT sectors are boosting at another speed. It is time to bring revolutionary changes and better developmental strategies. Therefore, our scientists and researchers are working very hard on this project. They must serve the better and make India proud.