The Central Board of Secondary Education most recently made a deadline extension in the application phase so the candidates can enlist for it for a longer period of time.

The date to submit the applications for the CTET July session was listed as April 2, 2024, but now CBSE has taken into account the aspirations of the students and, thus, has set April 5, 2024 (23:59 hrs) as the last date for submitting the online application form.

This affords some extra time period to those who might have failed to see the initial window or have more work to do while still shutting their application.

The CTET is a necessary national-level candidate capability test for all those aspiring to participate in the education system at government school levels from Classes 1 to 8. Getting a CTET qualification is one of the most significant priorities for young aspirants who desire to serve in these government units.

The online CTET registration process for the CTET July session is advantageous for those applicants who are interested in participating. Candidates can visit the official CTET website and follow the instructions given.

The website employs a user-friendly interface and well-defined instructions in such a way that discourages frustration, thus enabling applicants to register themselves easily.

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The CTET comprises two separate papers catering to different teaching levels:

Paper-I: This paper is prepared for the elements in the teaching Training classes covering classes 1 to 5. It might be that pupils will get an idea of many subjects that are thought of as a foundation for the education system, such as Child Development and Pedagogy, Language I (of which you can choose), or Language II (of which you can choose too), Mathematics, and Environmental Studies.

Paper-II: The students covered are from class 6 to class 8, and this paper has been put together to serve candidates wanting to teach these classes. On the other hand, it checks the kind of subject knowledge that depends upon the point of entry or POE, such as mathematics, science, social science, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, and many others. Candidates can select two subjects from the list when they fill out an application for a general knowledge test.

A true milestone for the one who wants to give his career path and land in the teaching profession, the CTET is an indispensable foundation in India.

As a result of the prolonged registration that has taken place, many aspiring educators who can now apply and have higher chances of qualifying as Atlanta public school teachers are now armed with hope.