Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Arvind Swamy is a well-known actor who has worked in a lot of Tamil movies. He has also served his acting skills in a few Hindi, Malayalam, and Telugu films. Arvind is not only an actor but also a model, television presenter, and entrepreneur.

Arvind Swamy has a huge fan following owing to his acting skills irrespective of the roles that he plays in a movie. Being a popular celebrity, fans often wonder about Arvind Swamy net worth. Here we provide the information related to that.

Estimated net worth of Arvind Swamy 

Arvind Swamy Net Worth

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As per the estimates of 2021, Arvind Swamy net worth stands at somewhere around 10 million dollars which equals to around more than 80 Crore Indian rupees. His monthly salary is estimated at around 10,000 dollars. A great portion of Arvind’s net worth comes alone from his acting in movies. Films and television are the primary sources of his income.

Apart from films Arvind also does advertisements and promotions for various brands which constitute a secondary source of income for him. Arvind has also worked as a dubbing artist and has been a playback singer for a few songs. All these side-stream activities have been a source of income for him.  

Arvind Swamy net worth has shown a noticeable hike of 2 million dollars from the year 2018 to the year 2021. As per the estimated figures, Arvind had a net worth of around 8 million dollars in the year 2018. It remained the same throughout the year 2019. However, an increment in his net worth by 2 million dollars was visible in the year 2020 and remained the same throughout the year 2021.

Arvind Swamy had been involved in many other activities apart from his mainstream acting career through which he has built his net worth.