Amazon used to have its palm scanning system, particularly in groceries but now it is expanding the technique to the workplace and other site visits. It is taking the technology enterprise to another level of security using biometric designs for scanning to prevent security and privacy issues.

Such a system is more likely to be introduced in supermarkets and workplace organizations with sensitive information and private matters. Various business corporations have signed up to collectively contribute to this such as IHG hotel group, Kone as the Elevator Company, and turnstile maker Boon Edam. 

When it comes to palm scanning, amazon has a comment referring to the system as cheaper, more secure, convenient for people, and easy to use with ID cards, keycards, or badges. The system of palm scanning works the same as fingerprint scan where you just have to put your palm and the scanner will detect your veins and the infrared light that is being carried along the veiny system of every particular individual. The scanner detects the lines and figures of the hand which serves as an excellent biometric attribute. 


Before the system detects the scan of every individual, every person needs to first put their information in the scanning machine. For this to work, when an employee enrolls for the first time, they put their hand on the scanning machine which detects the whole blueprint of their palm. Then this data is stored inside a systematically organized database. When the person scans her/his palm, it detects whether the template matches the identification or not through the information provided to it. 

With such advancement in technology, this system will create a more defined space when it comes to matters of cyber cell or cyber security inside the organizations and workplace situations.