Wordle Solution For April 15


Wordle, the word game, is hugely popular and is proving to be a good way to put your English language skills to the test. At 12 AM midnight every day, Wordle gets a new five-letter word, which the players have to guess within six attempts. The Wordle game requires users to guess the five-letter with the help of colour-coded hints. Once the person chooses a word, they tend to see green, yellow, and black tiles for different alphabets.

Out of these, the Yellow colour means the letter is part of the Wordle word of the day, but the user has placed it incorrectly. If you see green in the box that means the letter is right where it is supposed to be. And finally, having a grey box means the letter is not part of the word of the day.


The Wordle 300 answer for today, April 15 is SHAME, which is feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour.


The Wordle 299 answer for April 14 was MINCE. The Wordle 298 answer for April 13 was CHUNK, which means thick, solid pieces of something. The Wordle 297 word of the day for April 12 was ROYAL, which means “having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family.” The Wordle 296 word of the day for April 11 was SQUAD, Wordle 295 word of the day for April 10 was BLACK, and the Wordle 294 word of the day for April 9 was STAIR. For Wordle 293, the word was SCARE, and the Wordle answer of the day for April 7 for Wordle 292 was FORAY. Before that, Wordle answer for Wordle 291 on April 6 was ‘COMMA’. Even before that on April 5, the answer for Wordle 290 was NATAL. On April 4, Wordle 289 was SHAWL, and FEWER was the Wordle of the day on April 3.

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Wordle is a word-guessing game where you’ll need to guess a secret five-letter word in six tries. The correct guess will mark a particular block with a single letter as ‘green.’ If the secret world has the letter ‘R’ in it, but your chosen world places the letter in the wrong block, it will be shown in yellow. If the block remains grey, it means the letter is not in any spot. Each day, Wordle will choose a new word of the day, so in other words, the secret word keeps changing.

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