Viral Photo Of Boy Offering Water To Elderly Couple Leaves Internet Emotional




The school boy is seen offering water from his own bottle to an elderly couple.

Acts of kindness always wins hearts. A photo showing the kindness of a school-going boy is doing just that. It is going viral on social media while delivering a powerful message.

The heartwarming photo has been shared by IAS officer Awanish Sharan on Twitter and shows the young boy offering water from his own bottle to an elderly couple on the street. It delivers the message that if kindness is instilled from a young age, it gives the power to change the world.

“Hatred is taught, kindness is natural,” the IAS officer said in the caption of the post.

The photo has received more than 22,000 likes and Twitter users are moved by the boy’s gesture.

“Perfect Example of Humanity,” said a user. “I had a school friend who never drank water directly from his own bottle… on being asked why, he had once said he gave it to the thirsty he met on road,” another user commented.

Other users said kindness is a universal language which should be taught to kids from a very young age.

A similar act of kindness went viral on the internet earlier too when a post on Instagram showed a woman gifting a mobile phone to an idli seller.

“So last night I was craving idli and we went to search for this idli wala uncle because he makes yum idli! Once we reached there I asked for his number and found out he didn’t have a phone. And all of us thought we should gift him a phone. We roamed around and found a shop and got this phone. He was so happy and shook! Doing these little things gives unexplainable happiness. We were so happy because uncle was happy!” she said in the post in February.

A few years ago, a man gave up his first-class seat on a plane for a woman in Florida and her 11-mongh-old daughter.


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