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Home India Niti Aayog Index: Gujarat Tops This Niti Aayog Index, Chhattisgarh Worst Performer: 10 Facts

Niti Aayog Index: Gujarat Tops This Niti Aayog Index, Chhattisgarh Worst Performer: 10 Facts

Niti Aayog Index: Gujarat Tops This Niti Aayog Index, Chhattisgarh Worst Performer: 10 Facts



The overall score for India is 40.6 out of 100. (Representational)

New Delhi:
Gujarat has topped NITI Aayog’s ‘State Energy & Climate Index -Round I’ report, which benchmarks states in their efforts towards improving the climate and energy sector.

Following are 10 takeaways from the latest Niti Aayog report:

  1. Kerala and Punjab follow Gujarat to round off the top three big states. Gujarat secured the highest score – 50.1. Kerala and Punjab scored 49.1 and 48.6 respectively.

  2. Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar are ‘achievers’ while remaining are in the ‘aspirants’ category.

  3. Chhattisgarh is the worst performing big state with a score of 31.7. “The state has not performed well in terms of clean energy initiatives, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and new initiatives,” the report says.

  4. Among the smaller states, Goa is the best performer with the score of 51.4. Arunachal Pradesh, with a score of 27, is the worst performer among smaller states.

  5. Tripura with a score of 58.7 is the best all-India performer in taking new initiatives in energy sector. The New Initiatives (NI) parameter includes EV penetration, availability of charging infrastructure for EVs and proportion of consumers with smart meters.

  6. The ‘State Energy and Climate Index’ (SECI) includes 27 indicators under six broad parameters. The parameters keep in mind “India’s goals for climate change and clean energy transition”. The index also wants to encourage healthy inter-state competition on different dimensions of energy and climate.

  7. The performance of DISCOMs (power supply companies) gets the highest weightage (40%) in SECI since it’s an important link in the entire energy value chain, as per the report. “The efficiency of the DISCOM sector is at the apex of priorities of the policymakers and scientific community,” notes the report.

  8. Other parameters include ‘Access, Affordability and Reliability of Energy’; and Clean Energy Initiatives (CEI), both with a weightage of 15%. Environmental Sustainability and New Initiatives (NI) carry a weightage of 12% each while Energy Efficiency (EE) accounts for the remaining six percent.

  9. States and Union Territories with a SECI score of 46 or more come under ‘front-runners’ category and represent the best performing states. Those with a score between 36 and 46 are ‘achievers’ while states and Union Territories scoring less than 36 are ‘aspirants’ and occupy the bottom one-thirds in the rankings.

  10. The overall score for India – an average of the state-wise score for the six parameters – is 40.6. The all-India average score for New Initiatives (NI) is 11.1 – the lowest among all parameters.


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