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Home Technology Netflix Is Bringing ‘Double Thumbs Up’ Button in Case You Like a Series Way Too Much

Netflix Is Bringing ‘Double Thumbs Up’ Button in Case You Like a Series Way Too Much

Netflix Is Bringing ‘Double Thumbs Up’ Button in Case You Like a Series Way Too Much

Netflix has started rolling a new feature that lets users give ‘double thumbs up’ to a film or show. The feature is available in India, but it is still seemingly rolling out in a staggered manner. The current option sits with existing single thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on Netflix phone apps and web versions. The new double thumbs will essentially let users express a show or movie they “love”. We were able to spot the option on the Netflix desktop and Android versions, but the iOS client is yet to receive the feature.

Netflix shared the development in a blog post, where it notes that the ‘double thumbs up’ is an additional way for members to let the company know what types of series and films they want to see more. For instance, if a user gives a Crime/Thriller movie a thumbs up and ‘double thumbs up’ to a Hindi Crime/Thriller, the Netflix algorithm will start showing more Hindi thrillers to the user.

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In the post, Netflix director of Product Innovation, Christine Doig-Cardet explains:

“Consider Double Thumbs Up as a way to fine-tune your recommendations to see even more series or films influenced by what you love. A Thumbs Up still lets us know what you liked, so we use this response to make similar recommendations. But a Double Thumbs Up tells us what you loved and helps us get even more specific with your recommendations. For example, if you loved Bridgerton, you might see even more shows or films starring the cast, or from Shondaland”.

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Interestingly, Netflix used to let users rate movies and shows until 2017. Users could give a rating out of five. However, the platform ditched the feature as it seemed “very yesterday”. Moreover, ratings could be deceiving as claimed by many producers and independent artists in the past. Creators have said that star ratings are often botched up by rivals. In a way, the thumbs up and down tool seems more useful as it may help users discover more tailored content.

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