NDA Government’s Development Expenditure And Subsidies Far Higher Than Under UPA Regime: Nirmala Sitharaman




FM tweets data on development expenditureduring UPA and NDA regimes.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in a series of tweets, said comparative data on development expenditure and subsidies showed that during the Narendra Modi-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance) government, they were was far higher than under the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) regime.

The data from the Reserve Bank of India shows that the total developmental expenditure incurred by the Modi Government in 2014-22 was Rs 90.9 lakh crore, far higher than is being alleged by some sections of the opposition. In contrast, only Rs 49.2 lakh crore was spent on this during 2004-14, tweeted Ms Sitharaman.

In her second tweet, referring to oil bonds, she said that the developmental expenditure incurred by the Modi government of Rs 90.9 lakh crore so far was over and above the Rs 93,685.68 crore already spent between 2014-22 on repaying the UPA-era oil bonds. Further, an additional Rs 1.48 lakh crore will be paid by 2026.

The third tweet from the finance minister said that the expenditure incurred by the Modi government includes Rs 24.85 lakh crore spent so far on food, fuel and fertiliser subsidies and Rs 26.3 lakh crore on capital creation. Over the 10 years of UPA, only Rs 13.9 lakh crore was spent on subsidies.


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