Mayawati On Rahul Gandhi’s Poll Comment





Dalit leader Mayawati today lashed out at Congress’s Rahul Gandhi over his comment that she had spurned the party’s overtures for an alliance. Mr Gandhi, she said, “can’t set its own house in order but is taking potshots at BSP”.

Insisting what Mr Gandhi said is “absolutely false”,  Mayawati insisted that the  loss of UP elections should be the focus now than “these petty things”.

“The Congress must think 100 times before making such comments. They have been unable to win from the BJP but just keep taking these potshots. Congress has done nothing even in power and even out of power,” she added.

On Saturday, Mr Gandhi had said that the Congress had offered alliance to Mayawati and evebn offered to make her the Chief Ministerial candidate, but “she did not even talk to us”.

Lashing out at the BSP chief, the former Congress president alleged that Mayawati gave a clear passage to the ruling BJP in the state because of “the CBI, the ED and Pegasus”.


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