Man Buys Horse For Commuting, Internet Says “Hello 1800”




Shaikh Yusuf with his horse ‘Jigar’ in Aurangabad. (ANI Photo)

A man in Maharashtra found a unique way to counter the fuel price hike – by commuting on a horse. Shaikh Yusuf from Aurangabad told news agency ANI that it is “a feasible option”.

“I work as a lab assistant at a college, and even today, I use my horse to commute. It keeps one fit and healthy. Also, given the rise in fuel prices, horse as a mode of transport is a feasible option,” Yusuf told ANI. The news agency posted a video on Twitter which shows Yusuf using the horse for his daily commute to work.

He has named the horse ‘Jigar’. Yusuf bought it during the coronavirus lockdown for Rs 40,000.

“I bought it during lockdown. My bike wasn’t functioning, petrol prices had gone up and public transport wasn’t plying. This is when I bought this horse for Rs 40,000 to commute,” he added.

However, his decision has divided the internet. While some users say this is a good option, others mocked him.

“Would really like to get in touch with this gentleman ! Want to buy a horse too! Commuting to saket and HC will be fun on a horse,” user Raghav Awasthi tweeted.

“Why can’t he commute by cycle that is more cost effective and healthy and environment friendly,” another user Sudip Kar posted on Twitter.

Some users said it is not right to choose a horse as a mode of transport, calling it “animal cruelty”.

“Time to buy a horse. Hello 1800,” tweeted a user Amogh Bhaskar.

Yusuf, the Ghodawala, has become quite popular in the neighbourhood. He is often seen riding the horse alongside cars and motorcycles.

Yusuf said that he also gives rides to children. He added that ‘Jigar’ is a four-year-old black horse of the Kathiawari breed.


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