Kolkata Traffic Cop Doubles Up As Teacher For 8-Year-Old, Wins Hearts




Sergeant Ghosh keeping an eye on the boy, helping him study.

A traffic policeman has a tough job at hand, of standing on road for the entire day irrespective of the weather conditions. But there are a few cops who go beyond the regular work and contribute towards improving the future of the next generation.

One such policeman is Sergeant Prakash Ghosh, who works as a traffic guard in Kolkata. He is gaining popularity online after a photo of him teaching a little kid went viral.

The viral image clicked by a local journalist shows the boy sitting under a tree on a plastic sheet writing in a notebook, with his school bag and a pencil box beside him, while Sergeant Ghosh keeps an eye over with a twig in hand.

The image was later posted by the Kolkata Police on its Facebook page. The police said in an accompanying post that Mr Ghosh, who is often on duty near Ballygunge ITI in south Kolkata, started speaking to the eight-year-old’s mother, who works at a food stall nearby. She told the cop that they are homeless and the child is not doing good in studies. So, Mr Ghosh took it upon himself to help the Class 3 student. The mother did everything she could to enroll her son into a government school but her dream couldn’t materialise.

Mr Ghosh now keeps an eye on the kid while performing his duty. His gesture is being lauded by people online, with many Facebook users saluting the cop. “Great job,” commented a user. “Exceptional, good Cop, but above all good human being,” added another.

In September 2021, a traffic officer-in charge in Kolkata named Pransenjit Chatterjee helped those children in the slum who were unable to afford online classes and a smartphone during COVID outbreak.

As humanity comes in many ways, the great saying never fades away that there are still good people in this world who come as angels into someone’s life – for this kid, it’s Mr Ghosh.


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