Is Good Friday A National Holiday?




Every year, two days before Easter, Christians commemorate Good Friday. On Good Friday, Christians all over the world remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and sacrifice. So, why is it called “good”, you may wonder. According to some viewpoints, in his case, the phrase “good” equates to the word “holy”.

The day is also known as Holy Friday. On this day people pray at churches. Some even observe a fast.

Is Good Friday a holiday in India?

Good Friday is a holiday to honour the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life. However, it’s not a national holiday in India. There are only three national holidays in the country — Republic Day on January 26, Independence Day on August 15 and Gandhi Jayanti on October 2.

But there are many public holidays in India. Religious festivals, as well as the birth of historical figures and other events, are all public holidays. Good Friday is one such public holiday. It is observed in almost all Indian states.

How do people observe Good Friday?

To mark the occasion, Christians visit churches, offers prayers and some even observe a fast. Some people from the Christian community hold parades or open-air plays to portray the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life.

It is believed that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life while suffering for the sins of people. After that, humanity got a fresh start and all their sins were taken away.


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