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Home Technology Apple Watch Series 8 Is Not Getting This Health Feature In 2022, Here’s Why

Apple Watch Series 8 Is Not Getting This Health Feature In 2022, Here’s Why

Apple Watch Series 8 Is Not Getting This Health Feature In 2022, Here’s Why

Apple Watch Series 8 is unlikely to come with the useful blood pressure monitor as the company grapples with technology challenges with the feature. According to a report by Bloomberg this week, Apple is unlikely to finish the groundwork for the tech before 2024.

The report says Apple has been unconvinced with the tests and accuracy delivered by the blood pressure monitor, and wants more time to fix the chinks before making it available for consumers on the Apple Watch Series.

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Using this monitor, any Apple Watch users can get an alert if they have high blood pressure, advising them to get further medical assistance from their doctors.

Sources in the report suggest that Apple is keen for the technology to work differently from other fitness wearable providers. It wants to give accurate blood pressure readings, something you can only do with medically-approved devices right now. In addition to the blood pressure monitor, Apple has an extensive set of ideas it wants to integrate into the Apple Watch, making the wholesome fitness gadget to acquire.

Apple also wants to upgrade the feature set of the Health App and bring it in sync with all these features that are in the product roadmap for the company. For this year, Apple has the watchOS 9 version lined up with more advanced health features that will be announced at the Apple WWDC 2022 in few months.

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The report mentions that watchOS 9 will bring a low-power mode that switches off the intensive apps to preserve the battery life for a few more days. The new watchOS version also could have new watch faces, more workout modes, and other measuring figures.

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Apple is likely to have three Apple Watch models for consumers this year, which includes an SE model, and a rugged version, along with the regular Apple Watch 8.

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