Air India Pilots, Cabin Crew, Other Employees Salary to be Restored in Phases. Details Here


Tata Group-owned Air India on Friday announced to restore the salaries of its employees in a phased manner. It said the changes, , in the pay will be effective from the current month. The salaries were cut by as much as 55 per cent due to the situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the hope of a post-pandemic world seems within each and the aviation sector takes off once again with some visible changes in our performance, we are happy to inform you that you salary cuts have been reviewed and the restoration of salaries will happen in a phased manner. The…changes will be implemented with effect from April 1, 2022,” the airline said in a statement.

Salary Restoration for Pilots

For pilots, the company has restored 20 per cent of the flying allowance in the current phase. The existing cut is 35 per cent of the pre-COVID level. Special pay pilots and wide body allowances will be restored by 25 per cent. These saw a cut of 40 per cent.

Salary Restoration for Cabin Crew

Flying allowance for the cabin crew has been restored 10 per cent. It had saw a cut of 15 per cent as compared to the pre-pandemic level. Wide body allowance will be restored 5 per cent, as compared with 20 per cent cut.

Salary Restoration For Other Employees

Officers will see a restoration of 25 per cent in their salaries, compared with 50 per cent cut in other allowance over pre-pandemic level. Staff and operators will see full restoration of allowance, which was cut 30 per cent.

The changes will be applicable to permanent and fixed-term contract employees of the company, the company said.

Air India said, “For pilots and cabin crew, international layover allowance and domestic layover allowance whereever applicable, remain unchanged and rates applicable in March 2022 will continue to be applicable.”

It also said that for pilots, cabin crew and other employees, all specific allowances attached to a post or role and other contingent allowance remain unchanged and the rates applicable in March 2022 will continue to be applicable.

“For pilots overtime rates have been reviewed and are being communicated separately” it said adding that all pilots available for flying will continue to be paid fixed 20 hours of flying allowance or actuals, whichever is higher in a month.

“All deductions will be reviews again in coming few months and changes will be communicated,” the statement said.

Recently, Air India pilot association wrote to the airline’s new chief Tata Sons’ Chairman N Chandrasekaran, to restore their emoluments. The Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association (ICPA) said their salaries were cut by 55 per cent due to COVID-19. The International Layover Allowance was also cut drastically, the body said.

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